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OMG! My favorite actor/writer Wil Wheaton @wilw just responded to my question on what is Wil’s 3 strategies for maintaining momentum & enthusiasm in writing long writing projects! Read Wil’s well thought out answer here & my lengthy enthusiastic response about @CampNaNoWriMo!😍

Creatively I am writing in Camp NaNoWriMo. I am working on Camp NaNoWriMo writing a self help book. My idea is to focus on encouraging creativity and inspiration through Native American and Witch Spirituality. Like Native American Archetype of the storyteller and Kokopelli the disabled Flute Player and the creative powers of Mother Earth. I strongly admire Julia Cameron’s work The Artist’s Way but you can clearly see her Catholic roots in her writings. I was hoping to write creative essays inspired by the Native American and Witch spiritual teachings.

What creative things are you up to lately?

Wenona Lee Gardner



Photo: Copyright © November 9, 2017 Wenona Gardner of Producer at White Turtle Rainbow.

I am happy to testify that Michael Buckley is my #1 Life Coach ! I would not have launched my White Turtle Rainbow business in Milwaukee, WI 53209 without the diligence and thoroughness of advice by # 1 Life Coach Michael Buckley! He helped me come up with a schedule to complete my Business Plan based on the work by Jennifer Lee called the Right Brain Business Plan. So I set my date to complete my White Turtle Rainbow to be completed by October 31, 2017. With that laid out my Big Vision of my White Turtle Rainbow I laid out a marketing strategy as a YouNow Producer to support and empower YouNow Creators to success! Based on 21 years as an Artist’s Way Facilitator, I have been able to tap into that experience and to be there to support the creativity, expression, and promotion of financial success of YouNow Creators. Michael Buckley repeatedly followed up with his advice with words of encouragement, how to overcome loss and bitterness, thinking positive, and planning towards success! Michael Buckley also wrote a book with Jesse Malhotra that was published:





Jesse Malhotra and Michael Buckley both told me the importance of starting and maintaining a consistent schedule when uploading and/or broadcasting on YouNow. I decided after much thought to do daily broadcasting. Daily Broadcasting has empowered me to design a winning schedule.  I had been on YouNow for a few years, but I haven’t been broadcasting until October 18, 2017 when I saw Founding YouTube Star Michael Buckley daily broadcasting on YouNow himself. The YouNow platform creates a very engaging audience in a very short amount of time. YouNow platform has successfully built a supportive audience by building in tiers of digital gifts that translate into real monetary rewards for the YouNow Creators. The YouNow Audience Gets to Decide who to support and back. YouNow nurtures audience participation, freedom of choice, empowering and supporting YouNow Creators which builds the self esteem of both the audience and the broadcasters as it is a mutual win win situation! I always support win win situations!!! During 11 years on YouTube, I only built an audience of 210 subscribers, but in little of three weeks I have built an engaging audience of over 566 Fans! YouNow gives me the tools for success because it empowers me as a Creator. YouNow has empowered Michael Buckley to become my favorite and #1 Life Coach on YouNow! I am happy to support Michael Buckley’s career as his #1 Fan as an YouNow Producer with White Turtle Rainbow.

Thank you so much Michael Buckley for empowering me towards financial success by inspiring me, guiding me, and during the YouNow Broadcasts. Thank you for being the #1 Life Coach. I wouldn’t be here under YouNow Producer with White Turtle Rainbow without you!


Wenona Gardner

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Hello, Wrimos!

Today and early tomorrow NaNoWriMo HQ is running a day-long writing and fundraising marathon. There will be virtual write-ins, Twitter shenanigans, and a special treat for anyone who donates US $25  or more on November 4, 2017.

In addition, even if you can’t donate, NaNoWriMo HQ is encouraging you to double up your word count today as well! Whether you have the money to spare or not, you can still join in the writing challenge and use today as an extra push to either double your daily words or your total word count. Go for it, everybody!

Rainbow Warrior Artist

Wenona Gardner

White Turtle Rainbow

November 3, 2017

Discovered Hackers Attacking My Computer with 28 Malicious Threats forced to purchase Premium Malewarebytes at $57 on November 4, 2017 when problem was discovered so Malewarebytes can go in and quarantine all the malicious threats! Ever since attacked computer has been crashing! Lost all my writing for the day!

Wenona Gardner


Malewarebytes found 28 THREATS 11-3-2017

​Sun Oct 29, 2017 at 9 pm CST at

700 Fans by Nov 4, 2017

Quest to Be A Rising Star Stats 10-28-2017


QUEST TO BECOME A RISING STAR Goal for #WenonaTribe is to find 700 Women on YouNow. Fans can you introduce me to the women in your followers? My Goal Deadline is by November 4, 2017

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