Artist's Way

365 Artist’s Dates

My latest video is titled 365 Artist’s Dates…yes I said 365. I have made a conscious decision to take on 365 Artist’s Dates with ideas inspired by the Artist’s Date Book by Julia Cameron which is a companion volume to the Artist’s Way book. My friend from the online Artist’s Way Circle said that she has been reading about my adventures for the past few days and she said that it sounds like I am on a journey of self discovery. She went on to say that it’s good to hear that my photo sessions and the healing that I undertook that day. She also said that it sounds like a shamanic journey. I find that an interesting perspective. I think I am just having a whole lot of fun seeing everything around me with new eyes. It’s inspiring me to write poetry, paint, sing, and dance. My friend who I call Mom says just remember to rest. Such a mom thing to say. lol

Maybe I am on a sort of self discovery. All I know that is when I begin an Artist’s Date I am consciously inviting the Universe to speak to me. I become very receptive to all the sights, sounds, textures, tastes, and touches that I experience as I go on my Artist’s Way journey. I get really excited about each one I have been doing. So far since I made this conscious decision I am on Day 15 and it has been really helpful for me to really have a great experience. I love it and I am very happy.

I am living a great mystery and I am playing the detective looking for clues everywhere where I can. I am listening and reaching out to new people. I am exploring my world with fine tooth comb. I am using all of my senses for directions. For example in today’s Artist’s Date I left my house and determined my direction randomly by the flip of a penny. The first choice was heads go left and tails go right. I got tails and proceeded to go right. I reached a point after I walked and I discovered that I could go forward tails or go left heads  so I flipped again and turned left when I got heads.  This randomness I found myself walking in a street  I never ventured before.  I noticed this large heart ornament on the front of the house down the block and it spoke to me. I feel like my heart compass is being activated and leading me down the corridors which I find very cool. I am happy about that. I am finding out what matters to me the most.

Another friend on Facebook has been reading about what I am doing and she discovered a quote that she posted on my wall which I find humorous.

I am lost and have gone to find myself

If I return before I come back,

please ask me to wait.

Thank You.”

Another friend however had posted that

“Not all who wander are lost.”

Yes I am wandering sort of as I do my Artist’s Dates and they are quality time with myself which is building self love and self discovery. But I am very much guided by every step I am taking. My ultimate Life GPS system is the Creator who can see everything from a tower and I am on the ground in the forest with a phone and I am calling up asking for directions.  And the directions are coming every step of the way. I feel lead and it’s leading me to myself, true love,  and to home. That’s awesome and I am having a great time as I am on my journey.



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