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Moon Circle

“O sisters, let us remember the rhythms of our mother and our mother’s mother; the rhythms of life itself.”  B.Camera – MoonCircle tonight!

I set out to reconnect with the women’s spirituality. The power of the sacred feminine. I wasn’t sure where I was meant to be, but it was no surprise that I discovered the rightful place right under my nose.  It’s at the women’s retail store and wellness sanctuary that I often go to since it first opened. I have been consistently building relationships with the women who go there and it has been an exciting journey indeed. I heard of the Moon Circle, but I had never attended such a group to go. I felt inspired called.

So, I show up and I was pleased to already know half the group and the other half I didn’t know at all. I was caught in the mystery of the night and the new moon. The leader spoke of the power of women’s wisdom handed down the ages and she explained the significance of the moon and her different faces. I have heard about Grandmother moon all through my life, but when she spoke it was like I was introduced to Grandmother moon for the first time and she greeted me as her granddaughter.

We went around and lit our candles. But for some reason I striked the match over and over and I was not successful in lighting a flame. I know I get nervous around fire, perhaps I was afraid to let my light shine. However, that was okay because my sister next to me said “It’s okay just light your candle with my flame.” That made me feel supported, accepted, and loved.

We began to drum and I shooked my rattle and all of a sudden I was inspired to sing. The drum beats surrounded me with the resonance of the rattles shaking and my single lone voice rose. It just made me feel like I was sharing my gift of singing. It was very special. Later the leader said she appreciated that I shared my gift with the circle.

I liked eating this very tasty gourmet popcorn. It’s really good quality stuff with chocolate and such. It hit the right spot. I also enjoyed the pecan sandies. Then I went at writing my intentions for the new moon. I wrote out first for forgiveness. Then I asked to open my heart. Then I wrote about developing my novel which is something that was very important to me. I was so happy to be making these connections with my true intentions. Things are lining up indeed. I am grateful for that. Then I focused my intentions by the Love bridge and released them to the loving arms of the universe. That’s what matters to me the most.

Then I meditated upon my life and I discovered that yes my prayers are being carried to the Creator. I discovered that I have to allow for divine timing to happen. I also need to learn not to sabotage myself that I have the key to let myself out of my own prison. I also needed to realize that I am meant to be accompanied along this journey. Which I am truly grateful for.

Thank you so much Grandmother moon for embracing me as your granddaughter. Thank you for blessing me and for watching out for me. For guiding me. Thank you calling my name for introducing me to my sisters. For helping me to see my own inner light so powerful with my index finger I can charge a penny to stick on a wall for a long time by the power of my dreams.


Bodacious Buffy

Artist's Way

Refrigerator Altar

My Refrigerator Altar

I took a course in HOME ALTARS: Changing Your Consciousness at women retail store and wellness sanctuary. And through the group process I decided to create an altar in my refrigerator on one shelf. The guardian of my refrigerator is Hello Kitty which is fun and playful and forever a part of my life. So I got a pretty basket and filled it with oranges for good luck and then wrapped the basket with a Hawaiian leis. I made a pitcher of grape Koolaid my favorite childhood beverage. A box of Poptarts cause it’s my new found joy. A basket of seedless red grapes which in the Word represents charity. A bowl of cantaloupe represents sun and in appreciation we all dance and partake in the sun’s offerings. ~Buffy