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Buffy’s Prayer for the Artist’s Way journey


Dear Great Creator,

I come before you
as your daughter Buffy.
My spirit name is Wabun anung
which means Morning Star.
A light of hope and resurrection.
Thank you for bringing us together.
We are fellow travelers
moving along the Artist’s Way.
I am asking you to come with us
for this Artist’s Way journey.
Please be the center of our circle.
I ask you to move
through me and around me.
Please awaken each and every member
no matter where they are located
according to your will.
I ask you to grant us the ability
to fully comprehend, know,
and implement the wisdom of
Efflorescence: Blooming from the Ashes.
For the next 12 weeks I ask you
to reveal to all of us
all connections of rebirth.
As we go along a path of
forgiveness and purification,
Let us always remember
the spirit never dies.
Grant us the power of transformation
as we go along the
journey of creative recovery.
Please light our way.


Artist's Way

How I begin this Artist’s Way journey

Greetings fellow travelers,

I want to personally thank everybody who participated in the process for developing and selecting the theme for this Artist’s Way journey. That includes all those who offered suggestions, brainstormed, created artwork, reviewed, and voted for the selection. Great job The Artist’s Way Circle of Yahoo!, Facebook, and Wurlwind. The votes are all in and Congratulations to The Artist’s Way Circle on Facebook for creating and submitting the winning Artist’s Way journey theme:

Efflorescence: Blooming from the Ashes.

Special thanks goes out to The Artist’s Way Circle on Facebook Co-Moderator Kim Whelan Gonzalez for doing the pencil drawing and coloring the sketch for this year’s theme.

Suggestions to implement the theme

1. Add to signature on email
2. Talk to members in and outside of the circle about the topic of rebirth
3. Study the symbols of phoenix and rebirth
4. Look for art, articles, websites, books, movies, videos, songs, poetry prayers on the topic.
5. Create art, articles, websites, books, movies, videos, songs, poetry prayers on the topic.
6. Pray on the theme.
7. Meditate on the theme.
8. Color the pencil drawing of the logo.
9. Ask yourself what does rebirth mean to you?

So we shall carry the theme forward for the next 12 weeks.

Artist's Way

Buffy’s Artist’s Way Contract

Greetings fellow travelers,

I wanted to share with you my Artist’s Way Contract. I personally find it more meaningful when I make an artsy looking contract. I make it personal and special with deep meaning. My lucky number is 7 and I selected 7 bats because I was taught that the bat in the native teachings represent rebirth. I selected the flower blossoms for new growth. The butterfly for the power of transformation and creative expression. Then I used my signature logo that uses my spirit name Wabun anung which means Morning Star. I am very happy to honor my commitment to myself and my commitment to my creative recovery. I bolded the section on excellent self care because it’s so important that I take care of myself and not overextend myself when I help others. It’s very important that I walk in balance. I must lead by example in my Artist’s Way Circles.

I encourage you when you take the time to fill out your contracts that you make it very personal and special. That you make the commitment to honor your excellent self care too. I personally put my personal contract on the wall right in eye view so I can remind myself of this special commitment I made to myself.



Artist's Way

NEW 12 week Artist’s Way journey Begins Monday June 28, 2010!!!

Greetings fellow travelers,

I am just a simple artist seeking others to walk the Artist’s Way with me online in one or more of my online Artist’s Way Circles which are FREE. We’re starting a NEW 12 week Artist’s Way journey starting June 28, 2010. This will be my 11th Artist’s Way journey and I have been walking the Artist’s Way for 14 years. I am currently working on editing and rewriting my novel “Two Step” which is a story of a Native American woman finding herself, her higher power, and true love. I am also writing a publishing plan to publish “Two Step.” Everyone is welcome on this journey, but I am especially looking for other novelists and writers to walk with me so I can connect with as I work on my book.
I wanted to share with you that I started The Artist’s Way Circle.  I started this circle 10 years ago from a wheelchair in a lot of pain suffering mental health symptoms due to a breakdown that caused me to have to drop out of art college. I craved connection to other artists so I dreamnt of an online artist’s way circle. So, I reached out to those traveling the artist’s way through my computer then was born The Artist’s Way Circle.

Thanks in advance,

NEW 12 week Artist’s Way journey Begins Monday June 28, 2010!!!


The Artist’s Way Circle Yahoo!

The Artist’s Way Circle Facebook

The Artist’s Way Circle Wurlwind

June 28, 2010 – 12 week Artist’s Way Journey begins

July 5, 2010 – Week 1 Check In – Recovering a Sense of Safety
July 12,2010 – Week 2 Check In – Recovering a Sense of Identity
July 19,2010 – Week 3 Check In – Recovering a Sense of Power
July 26,2010 – Week 4 Check In – Recovering a Sense of Integrity
Aug. 2, 2010 – Week 5 Check In – Recovering a Sense of Possibility
Aug. 9, 2010 – Week 6 Check In – Recovering a Sense of Abundance
Aug. 16,2010 – Week 7 Check In _ Recovering a Sense of Connection
Aug. 23,2010 – Week 8 Check In – Recovering a Sense of Strength
Aug. 30,2010 – Week 9 Check In – Recovering a Sense of Compassion
Sept 6,2010 – Week 10 Check In – Recovering a Sense of Self – Protection
Sept 13,2010 – Week 11 Check In – Recovering a Sense of Autonomy
Sept 20,2010 – Week 12 Check In – Recovering a Sense of Faith

Artist's Way

she didn’t just survive~ she became.

That’s what my refrigerator magnet says on my refrigerator. It reminds me that yes I have been through alot of difficult challenges in my life, but it also speaks about my ability to move beyond that and to thrive! Yes THRIVE! I love that word! It contains  such power, magic, and possibility. I really want to connect in this way with myself, get out of my own way, and shine out in the world. Now I feel I am the healthiest I have ever been and I feel great!

When I was at the women’s retail store and wellness sanctuary and taking the Life GPS course I see that the course has helped me be sharper in focus on what I really want in life. I felt the day I started the course 14 weeks ago I was way off course.  The man who runs the Life GPS course is a Life Coach by the name Rick Paddock. He is intensely beautiful and highly sensitive guy. I don’t really trust guys in general. Though I felt I could trust Rick and I talk alot to him. Rick sponsored me for NAMI Walks where I raised $285 in my very first walk.  He took great joy when I explained how well things went with NAMI Walks that it was a great celebration of both my physical and mental health recovery. When I was walking the walk by myself because the group walked much faster ahead than I, I talked to the Creator and expressed gratitude about all the good in my life. I am grateful for all the things that Creator does and doesn’t do. I filmed my walk as I was walking NAMI Walks but the camera was bouncing with every step I take. So I don’t know how I can make it work to get a video on the net with it. I was thinking about using the footage in the park and narrating over talking about some of thoughts and prayers that came to me as I walked the walk. So, Rick is a huge supporter of mine. He leaves me really heartfelt emails and hugs me alot. He listens to me when I talk about my novels, he says I am an empath, and that I am highly sensitive.  He speaks highly of me to Dani the store owner and said he really thinks I am something special and wants to work closer with me. Rick is concerned I don’t always put my needs first and that I give too much to other people because I am a caregiver. He is right about that, I have a hard time telling people what I need. He gets excited when I tell him about my creative dreams and the creative projects I have been working on or developed. During the last session we were talking about the Tree of Life and I latched into wanting to define my Life Purpose which the handout says is the trunk of the tree. I had all kinds of questions about that and he was helping me to clarify that. He said he has a Life Purpose exercise he wants to bring into the course next month. After the last LIFE GPS course he surprised me by asking me to write or make a video testimonial for him for his website. I am so honored he asked me to do that. Which is really great.  I shared my history of being abused by men,  I told him having a positive male relationship helps me to heal my female spirit.

Yes, that is a step I took to become. I also wrote a book titled “Resentments” which I finally expressed all the things and people that I was angry about. Usually, I never really expressed my anger. I just bottled it up and wasn’t even aware that I was angry. I experienced alot of injustices in my life. I wasn’t allowed a sacred space growing up to freely express my emotions. But today I now give myself that gift. I am so grateful that I can let this all go. That I can honor my feelings and now reach towards forgiveness. This book I worked on for over a year and has become a life transforming experience. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I was able to clean out the cup and be empty to receive all the love and good in this world in my life. I am open and receptive. I am free.