Artist's Way

Buffy’s Prayer for the Artist’s Way journey


Dear Great Creator,

I come before you
as your daughter Buffy.
My spirit name is Wabun anung
which means Morning Star.
A light of hope and resurrection.
Thank you for bringing us together.
We are fellow travelers
moving along the Artist’s Way.
I am asking you to come with us
for this Artist’s Way journey.
Please be the center of our circle.
I ask you to move
through me and around me.
Please awaken each and every member
no matter where they are located
according to your will.
I ask you to grant us the ability
to fully comprehend, know,
and implement the wisdom of
Efflorescence: Blooming from the Ashes.
For the next 12 weeks I ask you
to reveal to all of us
all connections of rebirth.
As we go along a path of
forgiveness and purification,
Let us always remember
the spirit never dies.
Grant us the power of transformation
as we go along the
journey of creative recovery.
Please light our way.


1 thought on “Buffy’s Prayer for the Artist’s Way journey”

  1. Buffy,

    You seem to have something going here. I will try to follow along with you as you attend this journey of the Artist’s Way.
    I am grateful that you stopped by my blog so our paths could connect!

    I am Love, Jeff


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