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Walking in This World Check In March 26, 2012


Greetings fellow travelers,

I did 7/7 Morning pages writing three pages each day. I am so happy I reached so many pages this week and I am very excited about doing that.

My Artist’s Date I scheduled in my calendar the exact day and time I was going to do it. I decided to get a camera that could record video. I took cab to the local electronics store and on the way I almost made a u turn and was going to go buy something “practical” like clothes. I wrestled with myself and decided to let my inner child have her camera. I happily got to the electronics store and met the store clerk who helped me selecting my camera. The camera I purchased was on sale and later I learned was the exact same brand and model used by my favorite vlogger Charles Trippy on CTFxC. So, that made the purchase all the more special in addition to being significanly less than what I thought I was going to have to pay. After I left the electronics store, I was hungry and went to an Asian restaraunt where I had the most delicious pineapple and coconut smoothie I ever had and sweet and sour chicken. I wish my camera was fully charged so I could take a picture of the meal that was presented to me. Then I explored a professional camera store which had cameras hundreds of dollars outside of my price range. They had photography classes and expert staff. It made me wonder if I ever wanted to take photography seriously I could go there to dig in deeper. Right now I need to learn how to use my $99 Cannon camera. Finally, I decided to go to the dollar store where I could purchase whimsical items for my Artist’s Altar. I gravitated towards this heart with a rainbow which to me symbolized the love shared between me and my boyfriend who is also doing Walking In This World with me. I also proceeded to purchase artificial lilacs flowers in blue, purple, and white. I got some gel clings of spring flowers and butterflies for my bathroom mirror. As I exited I made an impulse purchase to get jellybelly beans, which had to my joy my favorite flavor buttered popcorn. I spent a total of an hour and forty minutes to do all of these wonderful experiences for my Artist’s Date.

I did my walk indoors in my apartment building which had several floors with my boyfriend. We quitely went up and down the halls while holding and hands which was very romantic. Julia Cameron is totally right. It’s awesome to walk with loved ones.

Synchronicity was the fact that my camera that I purchased was on saled $80 off. Pluse the memory card was also on sale. I walked out of the store with money still in my pocket.

Issues of recovery. In Assertiveness class I came to realize that I identify myself as Buffy, that is my inner child. That when I was little that’s all I remember my family calling me. It wasn’t until I started kindgeraten that I first learned that my legal name is really Wenona. I remember sitting in the office with a school administrator and my mother and the administrator asked me what my name was. I knew that answer, and proudly said “My name is Buffy!” The administrator twisted her face and looked all confused like I had said the wrong name and began looking at paperwok and then suddenly my mom began snickering in the corner. My mother than explained to the woman that everybody at home calls me Buffy. But my teachers in school never called me Buffy they only would call me Wenona and there began the split to my identity. Add to it that I grew up in foster homes it became harder and harder to assert to people that the name I identify with and resonate with me is Buffy. So, I want to assert in my life I am Buffy. That is who I see myself as. That is who my identity is. I believe the more I assert that I am Buffy the more that I can assert other aspects of my personality again including my creativity.

I am happy to say that I have been playing my Native American flute. Julia Cameron says in Wakling In This World that if you want to learn to play the piano you need to touch the keys. So, I touch the holes in my flute and blew into it. I played scales and practiced fingering. I used to play the Clarinet in school for about 10 years, and I used to be on a very rigid practice schedule everyday. At one point I used to play my clarinet 6 hours a day and I used to be in three bands, two orchestras, and a musical. I don’t know if I want to get that intense with my Native American flute, but I do know the value of regular practice. THe photo in this blog is a picture of me playing my Native American flute at Alverno College.

Warm regards,

Signing the Creativity Contract


       For me signing the Creativity Contract is most important part of “The Artist’s Way” or “Walking in This World” journey. While yes I am agreeing to use the tools, readings, tasks, and check-ins more importantly I am making a promise to myself to take excellent self care of myself. That I get proper amount of sleep, wholesome nourishing food, and gentle companionship are vital for my creative recovery journey.
I decorated my Creativity Contract and placed it near my computer desk where I can prominently see it. I like the colors because they’re so vibrant and alive. I selected this particular image because of several reasons. It reminded me of the story of Footprints in the Sand. The direction of the foot prints also makes me think of Creator walking towards me or that I am walking closer to myself get to know myself better.
Have you signed your creativity contract? Have you decorated your creative contract and made it your own? Have you hung up your creativity contract where you can see it and remind yourself of your commitment to yourself?



Walking in This World Begins

Taking the first step of “Walking in This World” by Julia Cameron at The Artist’s Way Circle on Facebook.

Artist’s Way Check in: March 15, 2012


Greetings fellow travelers,

I feel that I am slowly starting to gain my strength back. I managed to write three days out of seven Morning Pages. I am glad to be writing again. I sit down and move my hand across the page and it’s as if I am conversing with an old friend.

Artist’s Date I got a highest spin on Bejeweled Blitz at 250,000 coins and it was also Jewel Day so the rare gems were half off. I was able to afford nine Phoenix Prisms which normally are out of my price range. It was cool to see them in effect darting across the screen in rainbow colors. Also, while playing with the Phoenix Prism I won 100,000 coins and was able to play even longer. After all that I managed to get 324,400 as my high score which is one of my all time high scores. Meanwhile in Hidden Chronicles I managed to earn 119 trophies. Still want to raise my high score in fast finds, but I am happy I completed the Tea Pot Quest before the deadline.

Synchronicity I was just thinking about when I was going to receive my prizes from a YouTube giveaway I won recently when suddenly the person awarding the prize emailed me and asked for my home address. I am eagerly checking out my mailbox for this package. I am told it should be coming any day now.

Issue of recovery is moving forward into the unknown. Monday March 19, 2012 is the launching of both my face to face and my online group of “Walking In This World” by Julia Cameron. Our journey will go on until Monday June 18, 2012 which I plan a celebration. But as I have been told a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. So here’s to taking the first step.

Warm regards,

Walking in this World journey begins Monday March 19, 2012

Starting Mon March 19, 2012 we will be going through

Artist’s Way 2:”Walking In This World” by Julia Cameron.

Check Ins are weekly each Mondays

JOIN TODAY at The Artist’s Way Circle on Facebook!!

Everyone will need to get their own copy of “Walking In This World” by Julia Cameron. Monday March 19 we begin week one together as a group. Then on the following Monday March 26 we as a group do the check in at the end of the chapter by posting check ins at the group site. We go week by week doing each week’s check in on Mondays. Throughout the week members can post questions, insights, and things to share.

Look forward to seeing you there,


Artist’s Way Check In: March 5, 2012

Greetings fellow travelers,

I took a test asking “Where you are at your creative spiritual journey” by soul artist Laura Hollick at Laura Hollick is creator of Soul Art studio, a business devoted to guiding people to create their life and business as an expression of their creative spirit. When I took my test I received the result that I was being initated into my spiritual journey.

These are the questions and following with my answers.

  • How would you describe your life now? You feel deeply challenged and overwhelmed by everything that is happening right now.
  • What makes your heart sing? Being creative.
  • What are you most proud of? Experiencing spiritual depth.
  • What challenges you? Everything feels hard right now.
  • What is the transformation you are seeking? Transform struggling into thriving.
  • What is your view on money? I’m more focused on spiritual things.
  • What is your physical experience? I have so many health issues, I am afraid of what my body is doing.
  • How do you think people perceive you? They think I’m a mess.
  • What is your top priority now? Love
  • What is your top burning question? How am I going to survive this?

My test results are:

You are in the Initiation Stage of the Creative Spiritual Journey
Right now you are being initiated by your spirit to take a journey. Often Initiations come in disguise as something difficult, challenging, painful or traumatic. The reason spirit calls us in such dramatic ways is because it knows it needs something that will get our attention. The challenges you face today are opportunities to deepen your connection with your spirit. Now is the time to take a Creative Spiritual Journey to heal and transform into the person you are born to be.”

The recommendation is to Transform your Fears. The Initiation stage offers an opportunity to heal deep fears and inner wounds. Transforming your fears is critical to moving through the Initiation stage of the journey. It allows you to step into the life you are born to live. The Transform your Fears audio is designed to guide you through your fears and limiting beliefs so you can be who you dream of being.”

Well I do believe this quiz best sums up where I am at. I am currently going through health problems on the verge of starting a creative spiritual journey “Walking in This World” journey which is basically Artist’s Way 2 on Monday March 19 going to June 18, 2012. A synchronicity, I also have an oppotunity to faciltate a talking circle and the first day I was to begin I get a head cold and lose my voice. I need to take time to heal, rest, and dream. I slept so much I was unable to do a single Morning Page unfortunately since I slept well past the morning in order to heal.

I was able to take breaks doing my online puzzle game hunting down clues and playing memory games. So, far I have acquired a significant number of trophies. I completed a quest that rewarded me with a huge Gold Dragon that I feature on my estate. Looks like a large rummage sale though with all the awards and purchases I have placed on the grounds. lol

Recovery issues are about fears and patience. I love the idea of starting a new level of “Artist’s Way” journey through “Walking in This World” and facilitating the talking circle. Both are in line with my dreams and desires, but both take commitment and work. I have been feeling anxiety over startin new projects. I am the kind of person that is used to hiding. It takes a lot of me to muster the courage to rise to the occasion. I often find myself wanting to express myself fully but then I block myself. I want to tap the potential that is within me especially in the creative and spiritual areas of my life. I know fear is stopping me being fully who I am. I desire to be comfortable being seen who I am. I enjoy feeling my life has a purpose and the creative juices flowing. I want to shift my perspective to joy.

When fear shows up I feel like avoiding, lack of clarity, feeling tired, feeling overwhelmed, doubting whether I can do something, and worrying about how I’ll be perceived. I want to transform the fears that are keeping me stuck, to tap into my courage, to create a life that supports my dreams, to return to a flowing state once fear has struck, and to expand and evolve into my potential. But all of this takes patience such as handing over my fears to my higher power, letting go and letting God, and saying the serenity prayer. Slowly, I am learning the tools to deal with my fears and to take steps into prosperity.

I also took another Laura Hollick quiz that asked “What kind of creative spirit are you?” The response after the test was that I was a Spiritual leader. I looked back at the rest of my life and I have seen that spirituality is the richest area of my life that I enjoy exploring and I do see myself with leadership potential in this area. I know people have said to me that they could see me as a spiritual leader before I even took this quiz.

Two weeks to starting “Walking in this World.” Wednesday my second attempt at facilitating the talking circle.

Warm regards,

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