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Taste for the exotic!

Shrimp tempura sushi roll, salad, and Japanese soda — at Sakura.

Greetings fellow travelers,

My Culinary Artist Date I ventured off to Sakura Sushi and Grill for a taste of the more exotic. The waiter brought me a Japanese soda which had a marble in it and I struggled to figure out how to even open it. With the waiter’s much needed assistance, I watched as the marble descended in efflorescent beauty. The taste was quite pleasant for the 6 oz. of carbonated treat. I looked over the menu searching the wide array of choices and selected Shrimp Tempura sushi roll. As I waited, I listened to the latest Japanese music while the Olympics were on a tv near the wall. I struggled with the chopsticks once my sushi arrived. I dropped half of a roll on to my shirt and table hoping the kids at next table wouldn’t make fun of me. I quickly picked up pieces of the roll that had fallen on the table. Overall, I liked the change in venue and the taste of sushi with soy sauce.

Morning Pages I wrote 6 out of 7 days and really enjoyed the time spent on them. Writing Morning Pages has become a regular spiritual practice for me.

I walked three 20 minute walks this week. Again the heat soaring to 100s kept me inside more than I would like.

Glad I finally made a video to catch everybody up on my latest projects. I aspire to be more consistent with my videos and post them weekly.

Great anticipation of Camp NaNoWriMo in August. I plan to be a rebel and instead write my memoirs. I have some stories in my mind that I want to write about. I am planning to use the index cards in the Scrivener software program to help me sort out which stories to focus on first. I am also planning to participate in Wednesdays Writer’s Hangouts on Google+. Last year I participated and I had a great time and look forward to connecting with other writers! With all the writing I am going to be doing I am really feeling like I am embracing my writer self!

Warm regards,

Artist's Way

Hot! Hot! Hot!

My Culinary Artist Date at Spring Garden where I had Pineapple Chicken, rice, and Dasani water.

Greetings fellow travelers,

This past week I found a most challenging Writing Diet week. The heat was unbearable reaching over 100s degrees F for few days. We have the worst drought in 50 years where everything is dry and all the grass is an unsightly yellow. I was unable to walk outside as much as I wanted to do. I managed to walk only one day for 20 minutes and another day for 5 minutes before I gave up and returned home inside air conditioning.

Everything seemed much more difficult including writing in my Morning Pages at four days out of seven days. I wrote about the abysmal heat in my Morning Pages. How I wanted to go places, but was basically stuck inside at home.

I did manage to do a Culinary Artist Date at Spring Garden, but it was uncomfortably hot inside the restaurant with no air conditioning and the heat coming from the kitchen. I ordered a Pineapple Chicken, rice, and 2 bottles of Dasani water. I think it was the heat because I didn’t have much of an appetite and only ate half of the Pineapple Chicken and no rice. The water that I drank quickly lost it’s coolness matching the heat of the room.

I am still successfully recording my food journal on my cell phone using the calendar app. Unfortunately, because of the heat I find myself consuming a lot of sugar free popsicles and fudgsicles.

I definitely need to drink more water in this kind of heat. I tend to drink a lot of Pepsi Max at work and not enough water even though there is a water cooler at work. I tend to prefer the caffeine in Pepsi Max over the plain water.

I am getting wonderful support from my other Body Buddies in my Sparkling Path Walkers Group and The Artist’s Way Circle .The Sparkling Path Walkers regularly meet at 4pm – 6pm on Sundays for a lot of laughs and encouragement. I really am glad I am not doing this journey alone. That I hear other people struggling with issues too like I am. I also have more than one person that I can pick up the phone and call.

Warm regards,

Artist's Way

Birthday Adventures

My birthday appetizers at Outpost Food Cooperative by my boyfriend Bill. Organic blue corn tortilla chips in melted pepper jack and smoked Gouda cheeses, organic scallions, organic tomato and black olives, served with homemade Salsa del Norte

Greetings fellow travelers,

Well I made it back from Buffy’s Big Birthday adventure thrown by my boyfriend Bill. After a great birthday lunch at Outpost Natural Foods in Bay View, we stopped off at a friends’ spiritual store. Great people and great atmosphere and I already put the smudge spray they gifted to me on my Artist’s Altar. Then we went to Brookfield Square Mall for an Arby’s birthday dinner. Bill got me a little pink ninja for my altar to remember my special day together. We spent the entire day riding 7 buses and a cab ride today. Folks I am telling you I am one lucky woman to have such special boyfriend to shower so much love and attention on me. All day I had been enjoying reading all of your birthday messages to me I nearly used up all the battery of my cell phone! Thank you all for brightening my day and letting me know that I am held dearly in your hearts.

Week One of Writing Diet, I managed to write 5 days out of 7 days in my Morning Pages. Lately, I have been having dreams of feeling overwhelmed and negative about all the projects I am working on. I am able to write out about these feelings in my Morning Pages. Plus members in my Sparkling Path Finders group keep reminding me how I have various leadership roles and how I am an inspiration to them to keep going on their projects. I didn’t realize I made such an impact on people. That definitely shifted my perspective.

I walked everyday this week mostly 20 minutes each day with the exception of two days that I walked 60 minutes each. I noticed walking in the store recently that I have been able to get through the store easier which to me is a clear sign that daily walking is beginning to pay off for me.

I have been striving towards 8 cups of water daily. I have been successful at writing in my food journal everyday using the calendar app and memo app on my cell phone. It’s very convenient storing my food journal on my cellphone because it goes with me everywhere I go.

My Culinary Artist Date was at the Bay View Fork in the Road Café. Menu is at I enjoyed blue corn nachos, a char broiled cheese burger, and strawberry smoothie. I originally got a peach ginger smoothie but wow the ginger was soo powerful I couldn’t even drink it.

I talked with my nurse and therapist about doing The Writing Diet. I shared with them what I was doing including showing them my food journal and they both thought that I was on a very good path and to continue with The Writing Diet. I am grateful to have their blessings.

Warm regards,

Artist's Way

Sparkling Path Walkers

My Culinary Artist Date. Mint water, 1/2 avocado and cheese sandwich on whole grain, salad with organic spinach, strawberries, cantaloupe, grapes, tomatoes, croutons,and cheese.

Greetings fellow travelers,

I began my introduction to “The Writing Diet” by Julia Cameron with a lot of gusto utilizing the 7 Tools! They are:

The First Tool: Morning Pages
The Second Tool: The Journal
The Third Tool: Walking
The Fourth Tool: The Four Questions
The Fifth Tool: Culinary Artist Dates
The Sixth Tool: HALT
The Seventh Tool: The Body Buddy

I knocked it out of the park by writing 7 days out of 7 days Morning Pages. I enjoyed writing my Morning Pages in the morning and getting a lot of emotions out. I am so glad to be continuing this tool from “The Artist’s Way” and “Walking in This World.” Morning Pages are an excellent way for me to get current and to be in the now.

I discovered an easy way to keep a food journal by adding entries of what I ate in my calendar on my cell phone. I carry my cell phone everywhere I go and it’s really convenient. I could select the time I ate and in the title just list all the things I ate for my meal. It’s also easy to track the water that I am drinking as well. Six days of this week I drank a full 8 glasses of water. I use a memo app on my phone when I want to write my feelings about eating on the go.

I walked five 20 minute walks this past week despite the raging heat in the 100s. I either walked at night with my boyfriend when it was cooler or walked inside my apartment building. The night was full of fireflies and racing bunnies that would dart from the bushes.

I utilized the Four Questions a couple of times. Thinking first instead of grabbing food and putting it in my mouth. It gets me to pause and reflect on whether I am hungry or not or whether I could be making a better choice.

My Culinary Artist Date was at Good Harvest Market in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. I drank Mint water and ate 1/2 avocado and cheese sandwich on whole grain, salad with organic spinach, strawberries, cantaloupe, grapes, tomatoes, croutons, and cheese. I was able to get 69 cents off my purchase with my Good Harvest Market card.

Using HALT (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired) I often find myself eating when I am lonely. I spend a lot of time on the computer seeking a connection. Then I usually think of food. Awareness I believe is the first step in addressing my eating patterns.

I not only have one body buddy but three body buddies who are so encouraging and supportive. Together we are the Sparkling Path Walkers and we lift each other up as we are all going on this journey to greater health. Each of us has all gone through “The Artist’s Way” and “Walking in This World” together so we have 24 weeks walking alongside each other writing our Morning Pages and doing Artist’s Dates. We are all each close to each other. I am so honored to have such loving people I can turn to. I think the relationship I have with these women is fabulous and is the best part of going on this “Writing Diet.”

Also, I have the love and support of several people going on “The Writing Diet” journey with me in The Artist’s Way Circle on Facebook  This special circle brings such joy to my face. Everybody in both my face to face and online circle are a wonderful support system to surround myself with.

Warm regards,