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Hey everybody it’s time for Camp NaNoWriMo this August!

Bailey is writing.

I am happy to announce the schedule for Writers’ Hangouts in August:

  • Wednesday, August 1 — 9 PM EST & 12 AM EST
  • Wednesday, August 8 — 9 PM EST
  • Wednesday, August 15 — 9 PM EST
  • Wednesday, August 22 — 9 PM EST
  • Wednesday, August 29 — 9 PM EST

We have decided to do the video chats on Wednesday nights again this summer because it worked out so well last summer, and because it’s a night that works for both Justine and I. The first of August happens to be a Wednesday, so we get to do the big launch on the same day the Camp launches! How fun is that? Because it’s the first night, and because we want to be available for anyone in any time zone, we’re having an initial start time of 9 PM EST, and we’ll have a second Hangout beginning at midnight…

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  1. Hangouts are on Google+ for Camp NaNoWriMo!

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