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My True Motivation for My Weight Loss Goals

Eagle Dancers with Brule at Indian Summer Festival in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Sept 7, 2012

Spend a few minutes writing about the reasons behind your fitness and weight-loss goals. What is your true motivation? What do you hope to achieve or experience after reaching your goal? 

My true motivation for fitness and weight-loss goals is to first walk comfortably and pain free. I used to have so much freedom exploring my world as I walked. I used walking to meditate and to reflect upon my life.

My dearest goal is to be able to dance as a Traditional Women’s Dancer at Pow Wows again like I used to in my teens. That would require greater stamina for all weekend dancing, but also a bigger investment into the creative expression of creating a dance outfit. I remember fondly as a teen really going out and being able to dance with all the other people in a wonderous community. I have even greater memory of when I first created my own dance outfit by myself including doing most of the beadwork. I selected blue satin and fire color ribbons for a ribbon shirt and skirt. I also created fire color beadwork to go with the ensemble. I felt like I really belonged in the native circle. At times when I go to the pow wows now and I sit on the bench watching everybody out on the pow wow floor having a good time that I long for the days when I was physically able to dance out there too.

My biggest dream is to dance a very specific dance called the Two Step which is a couple’s dance at Pow Wows that I wanted to dance with my true love, my boyfriend Bill. I titled my memoir Two Step because I feel like my life has been a dance towards true love.


Artist's Way

Finding Water and Two Step Memoir

I finally received my “Finding Water” by Julia Cameron book the third Artist’s Way book the local bookstore so I am ready to begin the journey at The Artist’s Way Circle. The Artist’s Way Circle I formed back in May 26, 2000 and I have been running it for the last 12 years. It’s a wonderful mix of creative people who are from all around the world who come together for a creative journey. Many people’s journeys first start with “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron that use the tools of Morning Pages which is a stream of conscious writing and Artist’s Dates which are quality time with self. I first encountered the original “The Artist’s Way” book back in 1996 some 16 years ago. The creative journey I have been on is deeply awe inspiring especially the creative people I discover along the way.

October is also the month where people who are writing during the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) November begin to plan and network with other writers. This is the perfect time to acquire writing buddies, to check out the NaNoWriMo forums, make videos, and develop outlines to write from. This year I am writing as a NaNoWriMo rebel because I will be writing my memoir instead of of a traditional novel. The title of my memoir I have begun is titled “Two Step” and is already 40,000 words and I want to expand that by writing more words. I aspire to tell my story of being a Native American in the Mohican tribe walking in the modern world. Many people of heard of Last of the Mohicans which is a fictional book but unfortunately have lead many people to the false idea that the Mohican tribe is extinct. I have had both Native American and non Native American people tell me to my face that my tribe is extinct because of this misconception. Not only are Mohican people here they have a reservation in Shawano county Wisconsin and are many that live there and around the world. I hope in telling my story as a Mohican woman that people can see the thriving resiliency that exists.

I hope you come with my on my creative journey!