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Please pray for me!

Please pray for me!

Please Pray for me!

I wanted to ask for you to pray for me today. Remember when the sign we heard when Morning Star was called to come to Madison at the Peace March in Milwaukee, WI January 18, 2013? Well I am answering that call today. I prayed for a ride to Idle No More in Madison, WI to testify at the one and only hearing about the Bad River mining. A pipecarrier I used to ceremony with stepped forward and offered to take me to Madison and their friend a Mohican-8 member is coming. I printed out the Four Crow prophecy of the Pennsylvannia Lenape and I am going to testify the Four Crow prophecy of the Lenape, that we are the rightful caretakers of Mother, and we need the treaties to be honored for the caretakers in Bad River because the treaties are the supreme law of the land. I have never testified in a hearing on this kind of matter before. I pray I do the prophecy, and the Bad River people justice.

Also I just received my Indian name in Munsee today! It’s Waapan Alaangweew – Morning Star. I just feel immensely blessed today. I have been waiting all my life to have my Indian name in the language of my people!

2 thoughts on “Please pray for me!”

  1. He Sis
    You know I will. Thats wonderful about you name.
    I too felt something happen to us (and the rest of creation) at the march.
    I have been busy this week but want to get together to share some more stories. Are you going to ceremony in West Bend on Sun?


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