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Sponsor Wenona at Camp NaNoWriMo’s fundraising page for Camp NaNoWriMo at:


Dear Friends, Family, and Righteous Supporters,

This month, I’m going to camp. It’s a virtual creative-writing camp called Camp NaNoWriMo. While I’m there, I’ll be knocking out a memoir titled “Two Step” a story of a Native American woman from the Mohican tribe finding herself, her higher power, and true love this April.

Take that, archery classes.

Camp NaNoWriMo is run for free by a nonprofit called the Office of Letters and Light. They believe that everyone has a story inside of them—a lesson I’m taking to heart. Every dollar I raise will push me that much closer towards realizing my creative goals.

Your donation will also help fund the Young Writers Program and the Come Write In program for libraries and independent bookstores. As part of this community of inspired writers, I know that encouraging people of every stripe to tell their stories will help build a more engaged, diverse, and inspiring world. With your help, we can make sure the unvoiced stories in classrooms, libraries, and communities all across the world are brought to light.

Thank you so much for your support!

Wenona Morning Star Gardner

aka Buffy

Comments on: "Sponsor Wenona at Camp NaNoWriMo’s fundraising page for Camp NaNoWriMo" (1)

  1. Kathy Gage said:

    Good for you for telling your story!

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