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Mohican News

I was pleased to discover that Mohican News ran an article about our Breath of Life Archival Institute of Indigenous Languages project. An invitation was made to anyone that wants to participate in the Breath of Life by coming to Mohican-8 to be part of this community project.
Mohican-8 on Facebook is at
The article is in Mohican News May 1, 2013 Page 5

Breath of Life

Breath of Life

I have been doing research since I was 15 years old on my own. I love interviewing family relatives and doing all kinds of research. I have been doing genealogy research for 24 years. I was accepted into the Breath of Life Archival Institute for Indigenous Languages where I get to go to Washington DC to search through the Library of Congress archives and the Smithsonian archives searching for Munsee language. In addition, I am told I can also search for genealogy while I am there.

So what I am offering the opportunity to come benefit from the genealogy and Munsee language research I have already begun and will continue in the archives in Washington D.C. I will be searching for Lenape and Delaware as part of my research. I am sure I will uncover Unami language archival resources. I am inviting anyone who wants to be involved with the Breath of Life project to come join me at Mohican-8. Let me know you are interested in working on Breath of Life with me.

I envision Breath of Life to be an Intertribal Communtiy project on Munsee language and genealogy that can potentially benefit the Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohican Nation, the Pennsylvania Lenape Nation, the Ramapough Munsee Lunaape Nation, Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape , Munsee-Delaware Nation 1, the Moravian of the Thames First Nation, and the Delaware of Six Nations, Delaware Nation and the Delaware Tribe of Indian both located in Oklahoma.

Wenona Morning Star Gardner
Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohican Nation
Leader of Mohican-8

The Prosperous Heart by Julia Cameron – Review

I totally loved Julia Cameron’s The Prosperous Heart. Going through the book I saw the value of my BA in Business and Management degree from Alverno and was inspired to begin work on my business plan. I found a friend from my Artist’s Way Circle who lives in Ohio who was willing to go through the Right Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee with me week by week through Google+ Hangouts. So far we have spent 9 weeks working through our business plan. I love my friend and together we explored our our value and laid down our individual prosperity plans. Thanks to the Prosperous Heart I also saw the value of my leadership skills so I signed up for more leadership roles. Thanks to the Prosperous Heart, I am now the Organizer of The Artist’s Way Circle Meetup in Waukesha, the Life Story Circle Meetup in Waukesha, and Waukesha Gaming Group Meetup in Waukesha. I realized Prosperous Heart empowered me to take on these new leadership positions. Prosperous Heart helped me to value my time and the benefit of volunteering to serve others. Through the Counting Tool I recognized I spent way too much money on eating out and so I cut back on that so I could put money towards a trip. Through the encouragement of Prosperous Heart, I also dared to apply for new opportunities and won a chance to go to Washington search for my tribe’s Munsee language in the Library of Congress and Smithsonian archives. I loved hearing Julia Cameron explain each chapter. I draw strength from Julia Cameron’s words. I love many of Julia Cameron’s work including The Artist’s Way, Walking in This World, Finding Water, The Artist’s Way at Work, The Writing Diet, and now Prosperous Heart.


Nii ndushiinzi Waapan alaangweew
Eenda nzhihshawanakwuywuyaan ndushiinzi Wenona Gardner
Ptukwsiit ndulaangoomaaw
Nii nmahiikuneewi
Nii noonjiiyayi Waukesha, Wisconsin
Weemaween anushiik

How are you doing?
My name is Morning Star
When I speak in English my name is Wenona Gardner
I am of the Wolf Clan.
I am Mohican
I live in Waukesha, Wisconsin
Thank you everyone.

Breath of Life Archival Institute for Indigenous Languages

I wanted to share with you that I have been accepted in the Breath of Life Archival Institute for Indigenous Languages. They received over 200 applicants but they had only 60 spots. I have been assigned to the Eastern Algonquian Team headed by Linguist Dr Conor Quinn. I have been doing research on him and he seems very knowledgeable. I will be going June 8-June 21 in Washington D.C to search archives looking for the Munsee language.

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