Artist's Way, Mohican

All Night Ceremony

I remember when I was growing up my native mother Hail Eagle Woman would stay up all night talking about ceremonies with me.


Time used to fly by as we discussed spirituality and ritual. I miss those days. Tonight, I feel like I am relieving those days but tonight I am “talking” using my fingers. I talk with loved ones through emails and instant message. I blog and tweet by experiences and stories emerging from my Breath of Life Adventure. The best thing tonight was reading everybody’s prayers for me and my quest. I definitely feel the sacredness of my journey especially tonight. I began this journey with tobacco prayers. I surrounded myself with daily prayers with Rainbow Turtle and healing native music. I really do believe that tonight is a turning point and a new spiritual chapter is opening up to me. This blessing is a wonderful early birthday present. Anushiik Thank you for praying with me on this sacred night.

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