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Women of the Dawn


Woman of the Dawn

by Wenona Gardner
Waapan Alaangweew (Morning Star)
Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohican Nation

I am the heart of my family,
I am the center of my community
I carry the nation on my back
I carry the life of tomorrow in my soul.

I rise above the violence.
Bones heal. Bruises fade. My fear I face.
The rage I channel to protect myself.
To protect my children.
I walk away from the destruction
with my Great Creator by my side.

I am the one who can change the tide.
I am the one who will say STOP!
No more forever.

For I am the Woman of the Dawn
I rise with the morning sun.
Blazing with light, love, and hope.
I hold the future within me.

National Aboriginal Circle Against Family Violence


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