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How to Use Mind Mapping in Writing Memoir

I do mind mapping all of the time. It’s great to know that I can use it for memoir writing.

Sherrey Meyer, Writer

I’ll be honest. Until I started writing and reading extensively about writing, I had never heard of mind mapping.

Outlining, yes. Mind mapping, no.

Early on in my drafting, I felt the need for a bit more organization. I tried outlining. It had never been a great gift of mine. Indexing on cards didn’t work well for me either.

And then I came across an article on mind mapping. The information shared struck a chord, and I began investigating some of the online mind mapping tools, while questioning whether it would work with writing memoir.

My next search for information landed on a blog where a writer shared his experience using a mind map to write memoir. Voilá! I had my answer, or answers, I should say. More or less, Paul Donovan Campos‘ post outlines for you the method I have developed following his suggestions.

I love visual…

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