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My Inner World Celebration September 30, 2013

Queen White Turtle Rainbow

Today, September 30, 2013 marks the last day of a site called My Inner World created by Michele Bernhardt and her My Inner World Team. I decided to celebrate as an expression of gratitude all the things I learned about myself that helped me to evolve into Queen White Turtle Rainbow. I want to also celebrate the coming of Michele Bernhardt’s brand new project soon to be revealed. To me My Inner World was a safe playground where I could express myself in an interactive world. However the effects were lasting and powerful changes in my life including letting go toxic people and from taking steps to enroll Graduate School for Creative Writing and taking steps to becoming a Professional Artist. This journey was full of treasures for me to discover and I am blessed by all those I touched. I just went through my entire journal and was amazed to hear my authentic voice and exercise my sovereignty. I lead a richer and fuller life now and I am at peace. My home feels like a sanctuary. My relationship with my boyfriend is loving and nurturing. My career and educational goals are taking off. I am a deeply spiritual woman and I returned back to my favorite church to give testimony to the goodness of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I am gladly let go My Inner World and enthusiastically embrace the coming Michele site!

This is My Meditation Sanctuary

This is the Meditation Sanctuary that I created full of pillows, chimes, pitchers and glasses of water. Everytime I look at this picture I remember all the times I spent meditating. For many years I was unable to meditate. I would try but I soon became very uncomfortable. Michele’s meditations were the very first meditations that I was able to relax and trust. With her soothing words I felt loved and nurtured. As I continued to practice meditation 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night I soon discovered that I was much better to focus and stay calm. My favorite meditation of hers was one I purchased from the store which is called Purple Mist for Clarity Meditation. Consistently working on this meditation I was soon able to see for myself what was the most important thing for me to work on. I was grateful for this blessing in my life and I flourished through regular meditating thanks to Michele and My Inner World! Anushiik (Thank you in Munsee)


Second insight I gained was that my real dream in life is to be a Professional Artist. Through My Inner World I tapped into my inner voice which revealed that my areas of strength are healing and arts. With this unique blend in my background through experiences, education, and work I saw that I have what it takes to develop a Right Brain Business Plan with Jennifer Lee which are very creative visual learning people. This was very different from the business training I received from Alverno College which was left brain form of doing business. Combined with my 17 years as an Artist’s Way Facilitator I uncovered that the real area I want to develop the most in is being an artist. As soon as I set that intention blessings and doors became flying open. I started to believe that I really could follow and enjoy my dreams and that the Universe not only loves but also supports me. I have begun a new adventure.

At this same time that I was becoming more crystal clear about being a Professional Artist a Grad school opportunity fell into my lap for Creative Writing which would really allow me to develop and tell my Two Step story. Thanks to my aunt who is running for Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohican Nation President, I discovered that there were numerous sources of funding available. This brightened my day! I felt now I would have the academic support to help birth my Two Step story. These are all exciting miracles which I attribute to me going on a journey with My Inner World.

I choose to celebrate today, because I wouldn’t have become Queen White Turtle Rainbow without my journey in My Inner World. Through the wishing well, the fire, the healing springs, the weather vane, seed garden, and of course castle I found the way back home to myself. I express great gratitude to Jesus Christ of Nazareth for guiding me to the fun, playful, My Inner World Site. I discovered my inner voice and clarity like never before. I discover I have a real passion for meditating and during the last My Inner World meditation of Letting Go, under the pillow I discovered a gold jeweled crown where I received unexpected honors. I look forward to the day when Michele launches her next site. I know I want to be the first one there! Oh Happy Days! Here is a My Inner World Celebration Playlist that I want to share with everyone. Let’s Party!


Queen White Turtle Rainbow

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