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Please say a prayer for me this morning

Please say a prayer for me this morning I am going to the hospital for a uterine biopsy. They’re looking for cancer.

Rainbow Warrior Artist http://www.street

Rainbow Warrior Artist

Oedla vs Accentbuster – Rainbow Warrior

Oedla vs Accentbuster – Rainbow Warrior – YouTube

Rainbow Warriors: via @YouTube http://ow

Rainbow Warriors: via @YouTube

Join Rainbow Warrior Artists http://ow.l

Join Rainbow Warrior Artists

What is a Rainbow Warrior Artist? An artist chosen by Creator to help restore balance to the earth following the teachings of the real Native American Rainbow Warrior Prophecy. The Prophecy originated with Creator and blessed to Native American tribes to share with the rest of the world. The combined cooperation of Rainbow Warrior Artists to create light out of darkness is what I call The White Turtle Rainbow Movement.

Invitation to join Rainbow Warrior Artis

Invitation to join Rainbow Warrior Artists

blueskywoman36 Rainbow Warrior Singer of

blueskywoman36 Rainbow Warrior Singer of the Cree nation speaking the truth calling All Grassroots people of the 4 races and directions. Rainbow Warrior Song (sang in her cree language)-While it is sacred, she felt it in her heart to send it out there for all who are hearing the call of that Time of Change as Rainbow Warriors as One Tribe, One Nation, One Voice under Creator (God)— we are given this time to act- may Yeshua watch over us all as we continue to united, aho!!!

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