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Dear Great Creator

Dear Great Creator,

I walked down the street to my house a few days ago and I inadvertently walked into a drug dealer dealing drugs with 2 big male customers yelling at me not to call the cops! They all saw where I live! I started to feverishly pray as I walked that is when I saw Jesus & an Angel! Jesus turned to me and he said “I am with you.”

Caught in another drug war. I grew up as a child with my single mother and the oldest of her six children. She had a drug dealing gang member for her boyfriend and I had to live with all it’s terrors. He brought guns to the house around us kids. He exposed himself to me. He stole my father’s child support so we went without food and warm winter coats. He screamed while drunk at my mother and threw a punch that nearly grazed her face and smashed a whopping hole into the wall. The worst side was of this man was when his very own daughter she had gotten shot in the head by a drive by shooting from an opposing gang while another sister of mine watched. I remember rushing to the hospital because she said that she wouldn’t make it. I remember waiting in the waiting room of the hospital and looking at the Ellen on her ABC show that had the very first lesbian kiss on prime time that made such news back then and remembering how surreal everything was. My sister was in the ICU with her skull open because the surgeons had to remove the bullet and the shards of skull embedded in her brain. My baby sister might die tonight and to my shock and horror and dismay all her very own father cared about was getting revenge against the opposing gang. My little sister is fighting for her life maybe death awaits her or a life of permanent disability and she was only 16 years old! And that man who terrorized my life and my entire family had the audacity to run out of the hospital because he cared more about revenge then to ever see his daughter alive again!
Which lead to my mother down the road with one of my sisters taking a walk down the street near our house Christmas Eve. That same opposing gang overpowered my mother to the ground and my sister when one of the gang members picked up a concrete block and smashed it on my mother’s head! Again, a call in the night that another family member is on the operating table fighting for their life with massive head trauma. But this time I don’t go because I got wind that my family was being targeted by the opposing gang who was watching who was coming and going from the hospital. I was a foster mother to my little brother then and I refused to put him in harm’s way and we prayed all through the night together for a miracle from my house instead.

My mother and sister both survived their gang war wounds, but at what cost? They are each permanently and totally disabled! My mother has gotten so bad mentally that she is homeless either hiding in abandoned buildings with no electricity or heat in the ghetto or she is laying in parks at risk for rapists, thieves, and murderers because she believes that homeless shelters are pools of violence and danger

I just moved to my neighborhood here. To have my path cross a drug deal right on my street just three houses from my house triggered my past memories of being a victim of gang warfare and drug dealers. I cried so bad so hard. I prayed and talked to my significant other about moving. However, I woke up today and I wanted to stay. I was going to do what I can. (I just heard Thunder when I was typing this at this exact moment!) I asked for God’s blessing to turn my home a safe house for local women and children. We have a large number of minorities here including Native Americans concentrated on this side of town. I wanted to start by making out cards with my business card to introduce myself and my family that I just arrived.I wanted my husband and I to take time to observe the neighborhood through more walks or simply sitting on the porch talking to each other as we take baby steps for the first unofficial neighborhood watch. I wanted to invite the local Native American women by posting a sign at the local native clinic inviting them to my home for a beading work circle. I want to create an 12 step meeting at my house so family and friends get support and a cup of coffee since the local office said there was no such meeting in my side of town.
I believe God brought me here for a reason not to hide in my house or run, but to take a prayerful stand. To be a blessings to others. Believing that God is more powerful than gang wars and drug dealers. Holding tight to Jeremiah 29:11.

Today I realized a life dream and I became a Champion of Hope!

Chi Miigwetch (Thank you very much in Ojibwe)
Winona McMasters Humphrey