Artist's Way

Aquai and Boozhoo

Aquai & Boozhoo, I walked the Medicine Path of Medicine Woman for 24 years. I lead the Artist’s Way Circle for 18 years empowering artists to find their voice, hopes, and dreams. I have years of service work in various capacities giving back to the community is very important to me. As a Rainbow Warrior Artist I tap into the Native American prophecy of the Rainbow Warrior and the 7th and 8th Fire Prophecies of the Ojibwe using my artwork in particular videos to digitally tell stories. I am a digital storyteller and my videos are my way to tell these Native American infused stories that most people have yet to hear. Creater made me fair skinned but he made my heart and soul Native American for a reason. Above all I serve Great Creator, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Divine Holy Mother, and Celestia. I am spiritual and live each day to the fullest. I look forward to sharing my unique perspective and Native American wisdom imparted upon me. I chose the path of love, peace, and understanding. Let’s walk in beauty.

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