Artist's Way

Native American Music Therapist

During my journey with healing mental illness I sought out alternative healing within Native American culture and the arts in particular singing. For me singing gives me a chance to praise my Great Creator for all the blessings that I do have. Sometimes when depression overwhelms me I feel enormous pressure on my shoulders and singing songs in particular Native American songs helps lift my mood to a higher vibration.

I was the lead singer of the Oneida Intertribal Singers in Milwaukee, WI and I had been blessed by many experiences singing for the Native American community at the Native American Lutheran Church, Congregation of the Great Spirit, and Native American Methodist Churches as well as weddings, funerals, and other special occasions . When I praise Great Creator in song I feel my spirit soar to new heights. I feel I transcend the limitations of my mental illness and ascend to praising Great Creator in gratitude for the blessings I do have. I thank Great Creator everyday for the my ability to sing. I praise Great Creator for my opportunity to live with and work with running ceremonies with my Medicine Woman Foster Mother Hail Eagle Woman who was a Pipe Carrier for the people. During my journey with my Mother Hail Eagle Woman I was able to learn about the sacred four herbs of sage, cedar, sweet grass, and tobacco. Mother Hail Eagle Woman had the vision for my name Wabun-Anung – Morning Star which means ” A light shining in the darkness of a sea of black. A sign of new hope that there is coming a new dawn. ” Together Hail Eagle Woman and I sang duets every time we did ceremony together. I remember she gave me a sense of comfort when I first arrived letting me listen to the Native American Flute Songs. Mother Hail Eagle Woman used music not just for ceremonial purposes, to acclimate me to a new home environment, but also to heal those who came through her doors. Mother Hail Eagle Woman was the first Native American “music therapist” in my life who wielded music so lovingly to help me chase away the blues with Native American cultural songs.

This song I sing in the video is dedicated to a special donor of mine. by the name of Gayle Bluebird. I wanted to share with her one of the songs that is a lullaby that Mother Hail Eagle Woman sang with me in our home. Thank you Gayle Bluebird for supporting my Crazy Quilt story and for constructing the National Mental Health Consumer’s Artists Network and Conference . Bless all the work you are doing to promote healing and the arts .

Chi Miigwetch, (Thank you very much in Ojibwe)
Wenona Gardner
White Turtle Rainbow

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