Artist's Way

Does Anybody Know A Wenona Out There?

I have an interesting day of meeting new people today. First was the Emergency Salvation Army Worker who brightened my day with her sparkling royal blue medallion necklace with her bright shining smile and eyes. Her mind is razor sharp as she swiftly multitasking Regional 6 housing forms to get in order this thick stack of documents. She informs me that on a specific date the section 8 housing is going to open on a first come first basis kinda like winning the lottery. I begin to imagine what my new home might look like with a smile.

Another special person I met today is my therapist. She informs me that her mother is named Winona which I think is a happy synchronicity I normally do not hear. I joyfully inform her Saturday is my birthday Lucky 7-11. After I share in great detail about how domestically violent verbally with tons of stigma I experienced by my spiritual in laws, I share about my status of my relationship.  That the leader of NAMI Family to Family indicated that my loved one likily has Bipolar and PTSD which is the very stigma thing his family crucified and attacked me for. It must be scary to watch someone get brutally attacked for having PTSD and Bipolar by their family  then one day a psychiatric nurse tells you you have probably have the exact same illnesses and if you verify that you do have it they will attack you just as brutually.

I winded up the conversation by looking at the Therapist and singing to her a healing Native American song I used to sing with my Medicine Woman Foster Mother Eleanor.  I felt good when my therapist declared how intelligent I am, that it is great I am telling my Crazy Quilt: An artist’s story with living with mental illness. Most importantly I am going to play poker with my new friends at my group home. I love the most about the group home is that I can walk to the library to have computer and Internet access. As I take in a deep breath, it feels good to have Great Creator as my lifeguard so I am no longer in a drowning situation and I can finally breath fresh air.

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