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Magic Origins Exceeds Expectations

I love Magic the Gathering…especially the latest video game consoles.

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Magic Origins Prerelease Summary

We hope you all had a wonderful time at your prerelease events over the July 11th – 12th weekend! If you made it out to any of our events, we thank you immensely. We could not host such great events without your support! originspr2

This set seems really promising with the number of players that showed throughout the weekend. Our Friday night exceeded expectations with a total of 87 players enrolled! We managed to sell through all of our allotted stock of Magic Origins Prerelease kits!

Notable cards from the prerelease:

We noticed that the Thopter Spy Network was doing especially well. This card seems as though it will do particularly suited for Sealed or Draft format, not to mention EDH. Pair it with Sword of the Animist to produce a token with flying that will be able to pick up the sword every turn.

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