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Card of the Day – One Ring Circus. From Colette Baron Reid’s Enchanted Map Deck

One-Ring Circus

I am very happy to be bringing you card readings as part of White Turtle Rainbow Gaming. This is my first venture in doing a public reading. If you go to the Doreen Virtrue And Angel Therapy Facebook group where I often show up randomly and give out FREE readings. I have always been interested in Oracle and Tarot readings. Including Cartomancy including it was the Christian Church that created the Tarot. I am desiring to create a special Oracle deck called “Two Step” that has both Scottish and Ojibwe imagery to reflect my heritage. I have an art journal where I study images like the Triquerta and Ojibwe Two Step dance. Hopefully, I can connect with others who are creating their own Oracle decks too.

This card One-Ring Circus card from Colette Baron-Reid’s Enchanted Map speaks to me the idea that comes to me about Independence. I feel I have been studying Oracle cards, Tarot cards, and Playing cards for so long that I determined that it is time to actively create an Oracle Card deck using my heritage Scottish and Ojibwe imagery, symbolism, and culture. I love this project!  I am very happy exploring the artistic nature of these cards I am studying. I feel I can start to create a better life for myself using the symbolism and teachings I have acquired so far and more that I choose to seek.

So, is there an area you have become Independent in or mastered? Is it time in your life where you feel competent to pursue an area in your life that you can really pursue? I hope that you can begin and start a new and travel in that area right now in confidence. I hope you have a great time.

Blessed Be.

Gealach Carthanas Charity Moon High Priestess

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