Artist's Way

White Turtle Rainbow Gamer Girl!

Lil Buffy

I love Games! I have loved games since Atari came out. My favorite Saturday morning cartoon is Dungeons and Dragons.   I loved games so much that I wrote a business plan for Thunder Chaser Games to live my dream to selling games while I was a Senior in Business at Alverno College. I became a Meetup Organizer of 66 role playing  gamers in Waukesha Gaming Group. Today, I write for and work with White Turtle Rainbow Gaming with my husband. I value quality time, play, and fun even today whether it’s role playing games or video games.

When I met Polaris I fell in love with gaming world even deeper. His passion for games reignited my passion for gaming. I was excited about the chance to re-experience my childhood again. I feel like I am tasting the fountain of youth as people often look at me and think I am much younger than I am. I am laughing and having a good time. I played Pokémon Shuffle on 3DS and played Persona Q and played Never Alone with Polaris.

Right now, I am fumbling through a video game on my phone my husband installed with an emulator to play Legend of Zelda with the Maskwalker. I got my tickets for Anime Nebraskon and excited to see this popular convention. I refocused my life instead of a serious spiritual path I have embraced the joy of play. I feel like my inner Buffy is coming back and I am being reborn into the happy go lucky person I was meant to be.

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