Artist's Way

Right to Write by Julia Cameron

I have been a fan of Julia Cameron since I first encountered her Artist’s Way book in a metaphysical store sipping green tea listening to wind chimes back in Milwaukee, WI 1996. Nineteen years later, I am still pouring over everything that Julia Cameron has written including my current book by her is Right to Write. For Eight years now, I have been a regular at the National Novel Writing Month NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo. I have been paid to write the Unlimited Newsletter for St. Aemilian-Lakeside, Inc. and Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. So as a paid writer I still find it difficult to admit I don’t always see myself as a writer. When I facilitated Artist’s Way Circles for 15 years online, I was there to empower other artists to take themselves seriously. Now I have shifted the focus back on to myself as I work through Julia’s intimate portrait of a writer in Right to Write.

I first started working with Julia Cameron’s Right to Write a few years ago, but I put the book down midstream. Now all of a sudden I am back to making Right to Write as I found a fellow writer who was making videos about her Right to Write experiences in Australia. I myself happily started to see of all the social media I have it’s my WordPress blog that has the most followers. So why am I chasing video? Because I wanted to impress a guy that video could make a living. I was already making a living as a writer. I have been trying to put myself on the internet and that is all I ever wanted to do. But now I can also see I am a writer like what my husband would say like the writer Germaine who constantly is writing for her it’s poetry. Me a writer? I remember fondly my 7th grade English teacher declare to me that she expects to read my book someday as I created our first unit newsletter and penned a Romance Adventure with a friend inspired by the novel Treasure Island. Again in College my Senior Thesis also declared she expected to read my book someday.

What I love about Right to Write is hearing Julia Cameron write about her personal insights as a writer in a much more intimate way than I had ever encountered in her previous writings. She is amazing. I feel like she is a dear friend sharing with me her craft. I would still love to meet Julia Cameron. Right to Write as I go through her Invitations and Initiation Tools I am opening up. Lately, I have been without a computer at home squeezing in writing sessions at the local Salvation Army Computer lab or the Local library. My phone I have been forced to wean myself of as I easily burn through my 2.5G. So now I am immersing myself into day by day conversations, walks, and my books including my Right to Write exercises. My new found pleasure is doodling in addition to writing in my Art Journal. I always wanted to express myself this way but I was thwarted because of an abusive home growing up where there was no such thing as privacy. I am finally allowing myself to hear myself in my written words and in my doodles to myself. Right to Write finally is helping me give myself permission to be the writer everybody else expected of me and even though I have already been paid and I never saw myself clearly before trying to be a video Goddess.

Chi Miigwetch (Thank you very much in Ojibwe)

Wenona Gardner

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