Artist's Way

Crazy Quilt

Crazy Quilt

By Wenona Gardner

Wabun Anung (Morning Star)

Anishnaabekwe Ojibwe

I remember the first time

I experimented with sewing

a Crazy Quilt with my sewing machine.

I cut fabric from old clothes.

As the jagged fabrics

formed on my couch,

I noticed this beautiful

gold print of a Buck on green.

I decided to center the medicine

of deer into my Crazy Quilted pillow.

Deer medicine is about Gentleness.

I remember the majesty of this Buck.

Dancing around the Buck were

random shapes of green, gold, and orange.

I decided to add little bits of beads.

Made me feel happy to see this wonder unfold.

I saw my little pillow of recycled comfort

and I saw it was a mirror to my life.

How I shaped my brokenness into something

beauty and something to soothe my soul.

I hope that the bits of my life can

become something beautiful

as I help others to unfold into something

of a healing balm as a Wounded Healer.

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