Artist's Way

Two Step

Two Step

By Wenona Gardner

Wabun Anung (Morning Star)

Anishnaabekwe Ojibwe


Step by step

come dance with me

my love to the heart beat

of Mother Earth’s heart drum.


Love is in your eyes.

We first danced our first

Two Step dance in the house

through the halls

playing an Internet video.


I held your hands

we moved & stepped through

the carpeted living room and

through the kitchen floor.


Boom ba, Boom ba,  Boom ba, Boom ba,

went my heart as

Great Creator danced with us.

I spun you around our kitchen. LOL


My heart smiles when I think of

that simple memory as we take

our first steps as lovers

through the winter of the year.


Hoping to dance with you again

Baby in the coming of the

the Pow Wow season is here.

I want to dance with you for all time Polaris!


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