Artist's Way

Traitor Dad

By Wenona Gardner

Mohican father
accused of sexually assaulting
me in diapers by my mother.
I was held hostage
at gunpoint by my Father
because my Mother
wanted to leave him.
Cops outside the house.
Gun going off.
Mother’s human shield.
Yet I loved Dad and
was proud to be Mohican.
I confronted my Father
about Mom’s accusations of
sexual assault in diapers.
Dad promised that he never abused me
and never would.
I choose to believe my Dad.
I wanted to live with my Dad
because I couldn’t handle
living with the insanity with my mother.
But my father lied and
he sexually assaulted me in my teens.
He entered the bathroom
when I was in the tub naked.
He drilled holes in the bathroom wall.
He stood naked in my bedroom and
masterbated while looking at me sleep.
I woke up with his fingers
me vaginally.
I feared him impregnanting me next
when I heard God say “RUN!!”
I ran away from home at 15
only to be further sexually assaulted
by a 26 year old foster brother.
I testified in court against my father
to protect myself, my little sister, and
the children of Milwaukee Public Schools where my father worked.
He was convicted
a sex offender for life.
In revenge he said he was not my father
My mother said he just said that to hurt me and that he was the only man she had been with.

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