Artist's Way

I am a Writer

by Wenona Gardner

By day I am

a Peer Support Specialist,

but in my heart

I am a writer.

I dream of being

like Julia Cameron

who has written

a total of 40 books.

Julia Cameron has

come up with a tool

in the Artist’s Way called

Morning Pages which is

three pages written long hand.

I have been writing

Morning Pages for

over 20 years.

Julia says when you

write Morning Pages

it leads you to your heart’s dreams.

I have had a dream of being an artist,

a writer and long to write a book.

Right now I signed up for

Camp NaNoWriMo where

I set a word count goal of 10,000 words

of autobiographical poetry.

I long to write a poetry book of my life.

I am publishing my story here

at this blog so that I can share

my writing with the world.

I am still struggling writing my first book,

but I am happy to say I am a published poet.

When I tried to write my memoir it came out in

a series of poems and I had a collection of them

since I began writing earnestly in 2003.

I haven’t figured out how to make my writing

a career since I spent the last 20 years

working on my mental health recovery.

However, I do remember fondly two teachers

each said they expect to read my book from me someday.

I so want to honor their esteem of me.

So I have decided to practice everyday writing

and see where it will take me!



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