Artist's Way

I am Mohican

by Wenona Gardner

I was born Native American

of the Mohican tribe and to me

that has been something I highly honor.

I used to live on the Mohican reservation

as a small child and have visited there

several times since then.

I don’t look Native American.

I have fair skin and light brown hair, but

just because I don’t look like a stereotypical

Native American doesn’t mean that

I am not Native American.

I identify with being Native American

the most despite my features.

That’s because being Native American

is from my heart and soul.

I love Native American music and arts.

I get excited when I meet other

Native Americans like myself.

I have an Osage and Seneca Indian

therapist that I work with who is very

important in my life.

She had helped me to achieve full time employment

and helped me focus and get organized to

achieve my employment goals.

I enjoy going to the Fred Leroy Health and Wellness Center

run by the Ponca Indians

because I am able to go to sweat lodge ceremonies to

heal my mind, body, heart, and spirit.

I am drawn to Native American ceremonies and

the scent of burning sage brings up

a flood of positive memories.

I believe in a lot of Native American causes and

I follow key Native American people and the work they do.

I am proud to be Native American of the Mohican tribe.

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