Artist's Way

Is He Out There?

by Wenona Gardner

I have been dreaming

of a special relationship

with a great man.

I am the type of person

that hoped to meet the

man of my dreams as children

get married young and

then celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.

I dreamt of finding my Twin Flame.

I dreamt of writing an epic book about true love

about my love life that I was living.

However, these things have never happened

for me and I am disappointed.

I am currently 42 years old and

my birthday is next month

where I will be turning 43 years old.

I still haven’t found that special guy.

Sometimes I haven’t found that one true love.

I would write romance stories

and I would try to create in a fictional book

of an ideal romance story.

I look around the men in my life and wonder

if he is the one who will support me.

I never was able to have children

and I fear I never will

because time marches on.

I get sad about being alone.

The relationships that I have had

have all been abusive.

I have grown afraid of having

the next relationship.


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