Artist's Way

My New Home in Omaha, NE

by Wenona Gardner

I used to live in Waukesha, WI, but

I was no longer able to get Peer Specialist work.

My previous job was underemployed at 10 hours a week

and the other Peer Specialist employment was not hiring.

So when I came to Omaha was overjoyed

to find a full time employment as a Peer Specialist.

I love my co-workers and they make an awesome team.

I feel like I am somebody now.

I am giving back to society.

I have a wonderful Osage and Seneca Indian Therapist

who is encouraging me all the way.

I have a 12 step support group that is like family.

I have a core circle of friends who regularly connect with me.

Omaha is voted as the city where strangers

come up to easily strike a conversation.

I read an article recently that Omaha is the top 3 cities in the country

where Omaha has the best jobs, affordable housing, and high quality of life.

That is totally true. I am feeling a new love for Omaha.

I love the Fred Leroy Health and Wellness Center run by the Ponca Indians

where I had an amazing sweat with Lakota Wendell Birdhead.

Omaha is healing me and I have been the best I have ever been.

God is good all of the time!

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