Artist's Way

White Turtle Rainbow

by Wenona Gardner


I try to remember

what it is like to sing.

I remember the good

ole days where I was in

a church choir.

I need to remember

what it felt like

to have my voice

to soar and fly.

I wanted to be a singer

that sang a solo.

Be the lead singer of

a rock and roll band.

I wanted to be a diva.

I wanted everybody to

remember my name.

I wanted to be someone

special and that everybody knew.

I wanted to be just that special someone

just like you the blazing star.

With a star on the walk of fame.

An album just the same.

I want to be someone

to remembered.

Someone everybody loved

and held dear.

Why is it so hard to be invisible?

To live in shadows so quiet.

I want to be with you

and serenade your heart.

Be the girl you always

wanted to be with from the start.

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