Artist's Way


by Wenona Gardner


Laying in bed with

a King Size comforter.

Trying to dream

of better tomorrows.

I am in a catch 22.

I am trying to relax.

I am trying to rest.

I am hoping that things work out.

I am needing to really rest.

The day before

I was up all night

and I couldn’t sleep.

Last night I slept, but

I woke up early.

Too early.

I missed my therapy


Missed the pharmacy.

I am sad about this.

I wanted to sleep

and dream about

happy times.

I feel like I am shaky

and I am about

to fall any second.

I don’t feel confident.

I feel insecure.

I wonder what that

looks like to

be calm and confident.

I want to be happy.

I want to be secure.

I want to know I am walking

on a good path and not

about to fall flat on my face .

I want my dreams to be secure too.

I want to have hope.



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