Artist's Way

Rainbow Warrior Artist

by Wenona Gardner


When I was 16 I lived with

a Medicine Woman who not only gave me

my Indian name Wabun Anung

which means Morning Star,

but also taught about the Rainbow Warrior Prophecy.

Wambli Wasu Winyan, Hail Eagle Woman

taught me that the Rainbow Warrior Prophecy

was a Native American prophecy

that spoke about the new generation

of people who love Mother Earth

and the teachings of the Native Americans.

They are reborn in the bodies of the four colors of races

the White, Black, Red and Yellow that carry the

wisdom of the old Native American ways and wisdom.

These are reborn loving Native American ways but

they don’t know why and many of them don’t appear

to be Native American stereotypically in form.

I am pale skinned and light haired Mohican,

I don’t have the stereotypical Native American look,

but I love Native American culture, music, and arts.

I took it one step farther and added the word Artist

to the Rainbow Warrior to indicate the creative expression

loving Native American ways and traditions.

I honor the Native American teachings of Hail Eagle Woman

in my walk in life and look forward to being creatively expressive.

White Turtle Rainbow - Rainbow Warrior Artist

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