Artist's Way

Torn Pieces

by Wenona Gardner


I feel like I am full of

torn pieces from a life

I do not know

how to integrate.

I ache over pains

that were inflicted

long long ago.

When will they no longer

inflict upon me this

sorrow and woe?

I am making it

through the day.

Slowly but surely.

Some days I am amazed

I can get through it.

I have to take it easy, but

I need to recover.

I have to go to work.

I need to, but it

feels like I should

just curl up in bed.

I am struggling with

working a full time job.

I needed to get better.

I don’t know if I am on

a good path or not.

I am on the working path

and using my torn pieces

to help others like me.

And it’s painful to share

these torn pieces of me.





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