Artist's Way

Camp NaNoWriMo in 5 Days!

Greetings Campers,

After yesterday networking with fellow Camp NaNoWriMo WordPress bloggers I happily woke up to several comments, finding new campers to join my cabin, and a new Twitter buddy. So, today I decided to go through the Camp NaNoWriMo Forums. I didn’t find a whole lot. I wrote to a small number of Campers from the Forums. I did receive a couple of good camper messages in my inbox which gives me hope.

I purchased Julia Cameron’s latest book “It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again” and proceeded to go through the exercises. The book is targeted to those apparently in retirement, but I found the book comforting to getting closer to Julia. I also like the idea about working on my memoir which is one of the tools. I decided to post the tasks in my WordPress blog.

I have been trying to come to terms with my spirituality. I believe strongly in Native American traditions and I am a Christian. I am a Unitarian Universalist because I love how open they are to other religions and the true freedom to learn. I remember I once went to a Beltane ceremony at an Unitarian Universalist church and I was asked to call the Guardian of the South and element of Fire. I marveled at how similar the Beltane ceremony was to the various Native American ceremonies. I am so liberal in my religious views I find it difficult to find a church home. I long to have a circle of friends with similar religious views as me.

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