Artist's Way

July 6, 2016

by Wenona Gardner

I am feeling sad today.

Today would have been

our second anniversary.

But we are no longer together.

I came to Omaha to be with you.

I left behind my life in Waukesha, WI

got rid of everything except two suitcases

and arrived in Omaha by train

on Thanksgiving Day 2014.

It was supposed to be the happiest day

of my life but it soon became an illusion.

I could not live with you and be healthy.

You and your family are toxic to me and

caused great stigma to me and verbal abuse.

My life fell apart and my mind broke down.

I could no longer live with you and

it breaks my heart today.

I wanted today to be a happy day,

but instead it’s a day of great mourning.

I am alone.

I got a great job.

I have a housing voucher.

I am making strides in my life I never thought possible.

I have new co-workers who are soon becoming my friends.

I have my birthday coming Monday July 11.

Yet still I am sad.

Sad at what could have been.

For without you I wouldn’t be in Omaha.

I wouldn’t have found this awesome job.

I wouldn’t have these awesome co-workers.

In the end I have become a better person.

All because of you. You served a purpose even though

in the end we are no longer together.

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