Artist's Way

My Birthday Adventure – July 11

by Wenona Gardner


I stayed up all night

reading birthday messages.

I was so excited

I could not sleep.

I was receiving free readings.

I bought myself an

Archangel Power Tarot deck

and an Angel Answer deck.

I had an appointment

for noon scheduled

for my Osage and Seneca Indian therapist

but she called to cancel because

her child was sick and

had to go to the doctor.

My friend who was supposed

to take me to a dinner and a movie

was a no show so I was getting pretty disappointed.

However, I posted a meme about 7/11

and this guy messaged me.

He told me I was beautiful and he was attracted to me.

He brought cake and burger and fries

and sang me Happy Birthday.

I joined him in his car while he worked

delivering food orders.

We went to Next Millennium

where I purchased an amethyst ring,

a rainbow pouch full of white sage,

and a Triquetra necklace.

We went driving playing Pokémon Go

and ate tacos at Taco Bell.

He shared with me a church

that may be to my liking.

I am thinking about going to the church.

He spread a little magic to me especially

when he gave me his Robin Wood Tarot deck

as a birthday present.


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