Artist's Way

Searching for A Church Home

by Wenona Gardner


I moved to Omaha

Thanksgiving Day 2014

and since then I have

been searching for a church home.

I am Native American and

believe in Jesus and pagan ways.

I was referred to a

Native American Christian church,

but discovered that it was closed

and that they lost their pastor.

I searched for other local churches

but could not find a church

that I was comfortable with.

I went to Glad Tidings church

and discovered in their informational packet

that they discriminated against

people who use Native American symbols

and deemed them unchristian.

I was totally turned off by that.

Then on my Birthday,

a friend recommended I go to

Unity Church on 90th St.

He said his wife went and it was

a really nice church.

So I went to their website

and sent them a letter.

I got a response right away and

they say they have Native Americans

who go to their church.

Which made me happy.

My only reservation is it’s

clear across town and I wonder

if I can get up early on a Sunday when

I get home at night at midnight from work.

I long for a sisterhood that does ceremony.


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