Artist's Way


by Wenona Gardner


I am very open minded Spiritually.

I am Native American and follow

many of the Native American traditions.

Including using the spiritual protection

of white sage and cedar and

going to sweat lodge ceremonies.

I am also a Christian and have

gone to several Native American Christian churches.

I follow Jesus teachings but go

to churches where there are drums,

rattles and singing with sage and cedar.

I also been a part of the pagan ceremonies since I am Irish.

I was the person in the south door of a Beltane ceremony

that called in the fire element.

What I remember is how much similar Native American ceremonies

are so much like the Celtic ceremonies of the Irish.

I was part of Yule ceremony where we had a huge feast

and we exchanged gifts to each other.

I brought a braid of sweet grass.

I honor both sides of my ancestors the

Native Americans and the Celtics who are Irish.

They all believe in the circle of life,

sitting in a circle at ceremony,

singing and playing with drums.

They honor Mother Earth and Father Sky.

They have honor for the four directions.

They draw wisdom from nature.

I am blessed to have both sides of me

to express my spirituality.

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