Artist's Way

Lisa’s Radial Café

by Wenona Gardner


There is a café

near my house

that I have been

wanting to go to

for sometime.

I never had enough

money and so I

would go by and

see I missed it again

cause it closes at 2pm.

Finally, I needed a place to go

and I was paid Friday

so I had enough money.

I finally stopped off

at Lisa’s Radial Café.

I saw a woman eating

steak and eggs.

It made me hungry

but I decided to go for

a bacon cheeseburger

and French fries.

The portion is so big

that I couldn’t finish it all.

I had a lovely chat with two

of my friends on text.

I had someone notice

my Triquetra necklace and

asked me where I got it.

I said Next Millennium.

His name was Tony and he

also knew of Next Millennium

and the owner Charlie.

Tony said he always goes

there to put things on layaway.

What a lovely a little café.



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