Artist's Way


by Wenona Gardner


Goddess can you hear me?

I am your daughter

Wabun Anung which means

Morning Star.

Charity Moon and

White Turtle Rainbow.

I long to know you.

I did not grow up with

a mother to lovingly guide me.

I had many women come and go

into my life but none lasting very long.

You are the only constant in my life.

I long to be connected to you and

to grow in my understanding of you.

I go to different churches looking for

a spiritual home and everywhere I turn

they all fixate on a Male God. Where are you?

I long for a Sisterhood that is connected to you

that can do ceremony in your honor.

That are strong women and are connected to

the Sacred Feminine Divine.

You are the divine holy Mother that I seek.

The one that has always protected me

through thick and thin.

You are my Higher Power that I seek.

I don’t know how to find a sacred place

where I can get to know you better.

The closest place I know is

Next Millennium where I can be connected

with others who know you, but it’s not a church.

It’s a store that sells spiritual tools.

Goddess please be the center of my life.

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