Artist's Way

How I Long to Be

by Wenona Gardner


I miss Lake Michigan and

being by the water.

I don’t know where there

are any places by water

near where I live.

I haven’t swam all summer.

I tried playing Pokémon but

my regular cell phone can’t download

the app to get the game to work.

All I have is a cell phone that relies on Wi-Fi

in my apartment to play but right now I am

limited to incense and lucky eggs.

How I want to be a child of nature but

lately it has been way too hot to do anything.

I longed for a Sister hood to do a Mid Summer’s ceremony.

Instead I talked on the Internet to other

women far away who were during ceremony in their home.

They live in other countries. One did a bond fire.

How I long for ceremony for magick to be part of my life.

For wonder and Pow Wows, dance, and music.

I long for the freedom to explore.

I long for true love and to have someone to date.

I feel great longings and I don’t know how to get my needs met.

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