Artist's Way

Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards

by Wenona Gardner


For my birthday I bought

a Power Tarot Angel deck and

an Angel Oracle deck both by

Doreen Virtue PhD.

I also got a Robin Wood,

a Witches’ Tarot deck for my

birthday from a Druid.

I am fascinated by the symbolism

of Tarot and Oracle cards.

My astrology sign is of the moon child

and the magickal gift my sign is divination.

I crave the insight of the pretty artwork.

Today’s card from Angel Answers is

Positive Thinking that my dreams

are coming true which they are.

In the past I drew Your Situation Will Improve card

and looking back I can see that it indeed has ever since

I got my full time job and a new circle of friends.

My present I pulled Within The Next Few Months

I know I am looking for a place to live and

The future I pulled a Helpful People card

which indicates to me my social circle will expand.

I once knew someone who was in the middle

of designing their very own Tarot deck.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like

to create my own Oracle deck.



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