Artist's Way

The Word Witch

by Wenona Gardner


I think I am a witch,

but the word witch

has such negative connotations.

I fear being persecuted if

I openly come out as a witch.

Images of being burned at

the stake come to mind.

To me witches are healers, daughters

of the Goddess, and tap into nature.

I love the show Charmed

because they portrayed

characters of strong women

as intelligent and powerful women.

I especially liked the

characters Phoebe and Piper.

I often had a difficult time

explaining my spiritual path.

I am Native American and love

traditional ceremonies and I am Irish

and love Celtic ceremonies as well.

I am also a Christian and have faced

several Christians who look down

on Native American and Celtic traditions

and deem them not worthy of Christianity.

I have been told many times that

I am going to hell by other Christians

simply because I love the scent

of sage and cedar smudge and I

go to sweat lodge ceremonies.

I long for a sisterhood of women to

do ceremony with for special days.

I don’t know where to go for

spirituality connectedness.

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