Artist's Way

Dear Goddess

by Wenona Gardner


On October 8, 2014

I first told you that I wanted

to live life as a witch.

I began my journey

reading the book To Ride a Silver Broomstick

by Silver Ravenwolf.

I read the first three chapters.

On Thanksgiving Day 2014

I made a major move for true love

to Omaha to be with my spiritual husband.

I began to wear long flowing dresses

and wearing a Celtic Heart because

I believed that I found true love.

But alas I found domestic violence from

his family and a toxic relationship that

triggered two mental breakdowns and homelessness.

It has taken a full year to recover from

that extreme loss and to rebuild my life.

Now I have a full time job as a Peers Specialist

and part of building my new life I have been

longing to explore my spirituality and the

idea of being a witch has resurfaced after

being delayed for a year’s time.

I am a new witch very green on where to go

to meet other witches.

The only place I know is going to Next Millennium

a local spiritual store that carries magickal supplies.

A Druid recommended to me Unity church where his wife went.

I am going to dare to go too maybe I could meet some people

since they said they have Native American people that go there.

I am not interested in herbs and stones so much as I am

interested in Oracle and Tarot card divination.

I seek cosmic unconscious answers to my problems

through wise symbols and artwork.

Basically I am seeking self improvement.

I long for spiritual sisters ones to guide and protect me.

I am looking for a place to move to

and one of the places is near Next Millennium

and Unity church but would be a very long commute to work.

I don’t know where my new home lies and I am experiencing

extreme fears about finding a new home since I am on my own.

Meanwhile I long for a relationship with a man.

I noticed that I have male coworkers that are my friends

that I didn’t have before which is interesting.

My social circle is expanding slowly but surely.

I am trying to stay positive about all the new beginnings

happening in my life that are happening.

Thank you for listening.

Your Daughter,

Wenona Gardner

White Turtle Rainbow

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