Artist's Way

My Angel Oracle Reading for July 16, 2016

by Wenona Gardner


Today Saturday July 16, 2016

I created a reading on my current situation

asking to “Show me what I need to know?”



“Not The Right Time”

This answer is not a “no,” just a “not yet.” Have patience. Your angels will give you a sign when the timing is perfect.

Well I feel off trying to find a place to move too. I just started a full time job and all I seem to do is come after work and go to sleep and not get up until just before work and leave. I have no social life and barely any time to call apartments. I so far called 3 apartments but they were closed so I left messages to call me back. I don’t feel ready to move.

As far as relationship with a guy my friend said I need to develop myself first. Which is not what I wanted to hear. On my birthday I received the New Love card but the only guy who said I was beautiful and attractive was a married man who is taken already. The guys I was interested in both are dating other women. I feel sad and alone.

Spiritually walking the path as a witch is hard because I don’t know how to connect with other witches other than Tumblr and WordPress or hope to run into somebody while at Next Millennium.



“Peaceful Resolution”

I expect my home, relationship, and spirituality challenges to come to an end that conflict will end and that will be replaced with harmony. I want to experience peace. That was what I had hoped when I started working as a Peer Specialist but I became concerned when I treated myself to the movies and I experienced great sadness instead of joy on my Artist’s Date out. I tried watching two movies and treating myself out to lunch and dinner, something that I can now afford to do but I was alone and that made me sad too. I didn’t have a circle of friends to go to Spielbound Board Game Café to play games with. I don’t have friends to take me to concerts and festivals like my co-worker does everytime I see on Facebook. This past week I have been spending most of my money on delivery food at work trying to cheer myself up because I was too sick to go grocery shopping. I have money now but I am still alone. Alone without a relationship, a circle of friends, and a sisterhood of ceremony.



“Take Action”

My co-worker was saying I am afraid of success that I waited too long to look for apartments and I procrastinated to the last minute because of fear. That if I want to go out to festivals and concerts to just do it. I have been dragging my feet. I actually signed up for a ride to go to Unity church even though it’s really early in the morning and it’s very far away. I am proud that I took this step.


no need to worry

“No Need to Worry”

My worries and concerns over my current situation are unnecessary. God and my angels have the situation well in hand, and everything is going to turn out perfectly! Obsessing over this subject isn’t helpful. The energy of fear and worry only slows the eventual manifesting of my desires. I need to visualize loving and happy outcomes and keep my thoughts positive.

Yet, I do worry. I worry that I am going to lose my Region 6 voucher if I don’t get an extension. I worry about living on my own and trying to find a place without the assistance of a caseworker. That I am growing independent and that the support I am used to receiving is no longer there for me. I am afraid that being 43 that I will miss out on having a family of my own and having my relationship. That I am getting older and that because I am having PCOS and not having the ability to give birth to my own children. I am becoming anxious not having a male relationship in my life. Spirituality I spent most of my life desiring to be a Medicine Woman but trying to walk down the path only hurts. Native American people don’t accept me because I look white. I am ostracized by my tribe because I testified against my Mohican father and he is now a registered sex offender for life because of the sexual assault he caused against me and now he can no longer work for the schools he was working at. His family has given me hell to pay which are key leaders in the Mohican tribe. I don’t feel spiritually connected to my Mohican tribe because of it. I am experiencing that. So far I have experienced many Traditional Native Americans are against witches. I am a newly walking the path of a witch and fear retribution from other Christians, Native American traditionals, and co-workers.




I asked what I need to know about my current situation. The first card said not the right time. I don’t feel ready to move. I need an extension. I don’t have a relationship and it doesn’t look like I will. I feel like I am getting resistance to being a witch. I will pull another card to clarify this card.



My situation requires patience. Angels are saying “not yet.” Sometimes Heaven needs a little extra time to make all the pieces fall perfectly into place. What I am asking for has an effect on the lives of others. It can take additional preparation to make sure that everyone’s needs are seen to. Be patient so that all that are involved can have the experience they are meant to have.




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