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My Archangel Power Tarot Reading for July 16, 2016


This is my Power Angel Tarot Reading for July 16, 2016. I am doing a Situation Reading of what I need to know now about my current situation?




I take great pride in my excellent work! Practice makes perfect. I will be getting extra training on July 19 I will be getting first aid and CPR training. It is also recommended I take the Intentional Peer Support state training, and WRAP Facilitator training from Region Six. I also have trainings through work on the July 26. Also well as trainings offered through iNAPS and DBSA Peer Specialist Leadership Center.

The card says I am doing excellent work and to take pride in what I do. That there is great motivation to be a success, and your willingness to invest in your long-term goals will pay off. There is indeed much to learn including seminars and job training.





I do believe in new beginnings. I anticipate exciting changes coming. I expect prosperous new opportunities with movement forward. While the idea of change can be worrying, I must trust that and know that the Universe wants me to be happy. Unexpected events are meant to point you in a direction that will bring you a more joyful and fulfilling life. I ask Archangel Jeremiel to give me clear understanding where I am headed.

Passing the state Peer Specialist exam and becoming a Certified Peer Support and Wellness Specialist has indeed opened doors for me. I successfully started over with Peer Specialist training, passing the State exam, and getting hired at C.A as a Peer Specialist Now with a steady income I have opportunities that I never had before. I also have a Region 6 voucher to look for a new apartment and I have begun calling places.





Hidden Influences are stability and efficiency. I would greatly benefit from the counsel of a skilled mentor who can give me invaluable advice. Archangel Uriel please provide brilliant and new ideas on how to be a success. Time to take the lead. What I need right now is logic and order to help me to feel empowered and to be in control of the direction my plans are taking me. Stability a promotion. Ambitious plans. An encouraging and diplomatic leader.

My co-workers have been training me and giving me new insight into my job. I am growing by leaps and bounds.





Keep my eyes on the big picture; leave the details to others. Experience that leads to success. Genuine concern for others. Those around you expect and want you to take the lead. Let your enthusiasm and natural charm shine through. Creativity is the key to a successful endeavor. A magnetic and determined leader. Someone with broad vision who can motivate people to greatness. Inspirational. Generous. Forceful. Ingenuous. Dramatic. Driven. Enthusiastic. Genuine concern for the welfare of all. Unexpected money.

I want spirituality and a love romance, but it appears my job is the major focus of the big picture. And I am happy, but I guess I want it all now. I am having a hard time accepting that things take time to grow and develop. I am having a hard time dating. I am having a hard time finding a spiritual church home though I made a ride for tomorrow.





It’s your lucky day! New Resources of money, time, or support. My career choice will be very successful, and your ability to manifest your dreams is extremely powerful. You may meet someone soon who can open doors for you! Laying down long-term financial plans is also wise at this time. A very lucrative idea. A promotion. A helping hand. Bright prospects.

I already have money coming in but this seems to indicate I will have either more money or at least support. I am hoping it is support. I need to budget for the future.






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