Artist's Way

My Spiritual Path

by Wenona Gardner


Today I scheduled

a ride to Unity church.

A friend recommended

the church to me on my birthday.

I also learned a co-worker

of mine also goes to the church.

I am reading the book

To Ride a Silver Broomstick by

Silver Ravenwolf.

I am on the section in the book

that is talking about the sacred days

of the Craft which is stressing me out.

I love celebrations and want to participate

in them like the Beltane and Yule I celebrated

in during previous years, but they are few and

far between since I last participated in them.

Usually I don’t have money to buy all the festivities.

I usually am alone and I don’t have a sisterhood that

celebrates these holidays with which makes me feel sad.

For example, I spent Midsummer’s Eve instead of around

a bonfire I was on the Internet talking to a woman who

had a bonfire in another country.

She was doing what I dreamed about.

Another woman in another country was celebrating the

solstice in her own way.

I don’t know how to counter the loneliness I feel around holidays.

My birthday was on Monday July 11

and I spent the day with a Druid

who gave me his Robin Wood’s Tarot deck (Witches’ Tarot Deck)

with beautiful illustrations

And we went to Next Millennium

and I bought a Triquetra necklace,

a rainbow pouch with sage, and an amethyst ring.

For the first time I wasn’t lonely and he said I was beautiful

and he was attracted to me but he was married.

He thinks my New Love card I pulled represents him.

Honestly, I don’t see any other prospects around.

It was a very nice birthday though because he shares

the similar spiritual path that I do.


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